man power Amenities


The primary purpose of ROCKET GROUP is to engage in the service of contracting business which aim to deploy personnel and all other workforce requirements both professionals and skilled/unskilled workers for local employment to Firms / Companies.


We envision the emerging of new business establishments in all sectors of the industry and likewise the increasing demand of workforce to manage and answer the needs of such establishments.


To be a reliable source of manpower such as professionals and non-professionals like skilled and unskilled workforces and to provide efficient and competent services to the client companies and jobseekers in order to maintain the company's status as independent contractor of excellent standing.


As a service contractor, we undertake to assure the effective utilization of our client's desired manpower output to a maximum and to perform and deliver the contracted services in accordance with recognized standards, requirements and objectives and in line with the rules and regulations as imposed by the government of the State of Qatar.


We have a separate camp for the employees at Saliya & Doha with a complete facility. Over 750 employees can be accommodated in saliya camp and in the mean while we have our separate camp for engineers @ doha. We have a sufficient transport facility more over the complete scope of accommodation and transportation for all the employees will be done by ROCKET GROUP.